The Best Restaurant Tech with Andy Freivogel

Andy Freivogel co-founded a team of restaurant tech geniuses who help owners with technology woes -- 24/7/365. Find out how your restaurant can grow through technology
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Imagine you’re in the middle of a Friday night service… Your wifi shuts down… You can’t reach your internet service provider… And you can’t process payments. Few understand how to overcome these challenges better than Andy Freivogel.

The Best Restaurant Tech with Andy Freivogel
The Best Restaurant Tech with Andy Freivogel

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Andy is the co-founder and CEO of Science On Call — a team of scientists that take care of any and all restaurant technology headaches. 24/7/365.

Because he works with so many restaurants, Andy has a uniquely broad view of the restaurant technology landscape.

In this episode, we geek out on:

  • Common pitfalls restaurants make with their technology again and again…
  • The technology Andy would use if he were opening a restaurant today…
  • The future of restaurant technology…
  • and more.

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