When Grit Meets Passion with Dumpling Drop’s Tarn Tayanunth

Pop-ups, collabs, street-corner sales, shakin' hands, kissin' babies → When your purpose is big enough, you do whatever it takes.
dumpling drop tarn and toom

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When Grit Meets Passion with Dumpling Drop’s Tarn Tayanunth
When Grit Meets Passion with Dumpling Drop’s Tarn Tayanunth

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When Tarn’s mom (Toom Tayanunth) was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s in 2016, Tarn had to find a way to support them.

And while Toom’s memory was failing, she could still roll dumplings like a boss.

So Tarn started selling the hand-made dumplings they made together.

She didn’t sell them in an e-commerce store…

She didn’t get a food truck…

She didn’t open anything at all…

She sold them out of a cooler on a street corner in Victoria, Canada.

And she called it Dumpling Drop.

Today, she’s grown the business to become a local dumpling institution (with an actual location).

Tune in to this episode to learn…

  • How story is the backbone of a well-loved brand…
  • The power of simplicity (especially when getting started)…
  • How Tarn has become a pillar in the local community…
  • And more.

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