Food Photography Musings with Eveline Boone

Explore the inner-workings of Eveline Boone's sensitive passion for food and drink photography; Why she likes that "food doesn't talk back."; Mistakes Eveline sees restaurants make with their photos online; And more.

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“Food doesn’t talk back.” – Eveline Boone

Musings on the Craft of Food Photography with Eveline Boone
Musings on the Craft of Food Photography with Eveline Boone

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Eveline Boone is a Belgium-based food photographer and author of Food Photos & Styling.

Food Photos & Styling: Creating Fabulous Food Photos with Your Camera or  Smartphone by Eveline Boone

When I came across Eveline’s work, I wanted to learn more about how restaurants can take better photos (and bring in more guests, in turn).

This episode is a look at the inner-workings of Eveline’s passion for food photography and how she approaches her craft.

Eveline Boone Doing Food Styling On Set For Philadelphia

We also discuss photography tools and props that restaurant owners should have on hand (+ pitfalls to watch out for).

“Photographing is creating something with your hands. It’s real. Some raw ingredient that just looks bland by itself — you can make something gorgeous out of it.”

Eveline Boone

Masters at Work: Eveline Boone Gives a Food Photography Tutorial

I’ve personally been interested in photography since I was 16 and take many food and drink photos for clients.

I always love to see masters at work. So I asked Eveline if she would give a tutorial using her favourite software.

Here’s a video tutorial of Eveline finishing a couple of photos to make them ‘pop’:

Here are a few questions this episode will help you answer:

πŸ€” What are the mistakes Eveline sees restaurants make with their food and drink photos online?

πŸ€” How can inexperienced photographers quickly elevate their photos?

πŸ€” Why Eveline likes that “food doesn’t talk back.”

Learn more about Eveline:

πŸ“˜ Eveline’s Book: Food Photos & Styling: Creating Fabulous Food Photos with your Camera or Smartphone

🎧 Eveline’s Company: French Beans: Food Photos & Styling

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