Guest Getter | The art and science of restaurant marketing

Learn the art and science of getting guests to your restaurant.

I believe restaurateurs should have more freedom and profit so they can sustainably fuel their passion. Each week, I mine the insights of expert practitioners, world-class marketers, and innovative restaurant owners to help you do just that.

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Episode 1: Why This Podcast Exists

The Guest Getter Podcast
The Guest Getter Podcast
A Crossroad for Bars & Restaurants

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Meet Your Host

Hey! I’m Kyle Guilfoyle. What’s up? 👋

Having been in the trenches of hospitality for more than half my life, I’ve seen first-hand how a restaurant lives and dies by its ability to bring in guests.

I now spend a lot of my time helping bars and restaurants win with marketing that actually works. (‘Guest Getting,’ as I like to call it). That’s what the content you’ll find here is all about.

Guest Getter takes the best of what others already know about getting guests and serves it to you on a silver platter.