A Crossroad for Bars & Restaurants

What do Sears and the hospitality have in common at this moment in time? Read on or listen to episode 1 of The Guest Getter Podcast to find out.

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The Guest Getter Podcast
The Guest Getter Podcast
A Crossroad for Bars & Restaurants

In this episode, I tell Sears’ innovative origin story, the pivotal moment that caused its demise, and the lessons for restaurateurs.

3 Top Takeaways

  1. Innovate or die. To illustrate this, I draw a parallel between Sears and Amazon. Sears was in ‘maintenance mode’ whereas Amazon was in ‘innovation mode.’ With the full adoption of digital from other industries, and the dawn of direct-to-consumer technologies, restaurants can accelerate their growth by going into ‘innovation mode.’
  2. Direct-to-consumer technology makes it accessible for smaller players to do what the bigger players are doing. For example, omni-channel advertising campaigns in your local market, selling products anywhere in the world, marketing attribution (so you know what’s working and what isn’t), etc.
  3. What used to win was big and loud (i.e. billboards, television). What wins today is small, personal, fast, and nimble (i.e. omni-channel advertising that you can measure, SMS marketing, etc.).

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