Menu Development Secrets with Annica Wainwright

After asking some of the best copywriters I know who they'd recommend for restaurants, I was pointed to Annica Wainwright. We leave no stone unturned in how to develop profitable menus.
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Quick Menu Development Tip from Annica 👉🏼 “Ditch the dollar signs and ditch the decimals — people will stop thinking about the money they’re parting with and just focus on the food.”

Menu Development Secrets with Annica Wainwright
Menu Development Secrets with Annica Wainwright

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Annica Wainwright connects food and drink brands with consumers through tone of voice, menu development, and copy.

Her company 2 Forks works with big brands like Coca Cola and Heathrow Airport to mom and pop shops.

Today, we dive into Annica’s extensive menu development process.

We keep it highly actionable. In fact, I recommend you take notes and share it with your team.

Here are a few questions we explore:

🤔 Where do you see the most low-hanging fruit that restaurants can take action on TODAY for max long-term impact?

🤔 What’s the menu development research process look like?

🤔 How do you measure the results of a menu makeover?

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