In 30 days, we will:

✅ Step 1: Create your magnetic offer

✅ Step 2: Turn your offer into a local ad

✅ Step 3: Get you 50-100 new guests 📈

Guest Getter Restaurant Marketing Agency

Why You're Here...

You don't have time to waste

Whether you’re unsure if a campaign is working, or agencies are pitching expensive ‘nice-to-haves’ with no ROI-backed strategy — who has time for that sh*t? Not you.

You want to focus on your craft.

Struggling to put marketing pieces together takes time and energy from what you love to do.

You want more predictability + consistency.

‘Hope and pray’ marketing isn’t cutting it anymore. You’re tired of slow periods and know you can be busier.

You're second guessing every marketing decision.

Is it working? Should I be doing more? Each new question leaves you more unclear about where to turn next.

How We Can

Help You

Paid Ads

Run profitable ad campaigns online. Build your ‘Guest Rolodex.’ Get more new guests.

Content Production

Consistent content builds brand recognition and equity. 

Email + SMS Marketing

Create fun and engaging experiences beyond the four walls of your restaurant.

Google My Business Optimization

Rank higher on Google search and maps.

Marketing Dashboards

Not knowing if your marketing is working is insanely frustrating (we’ve been there 🙋🏼‍♂️). We build transparent dashboards that show clear results + ROI.

Positive Review Generation

There’s one reason you don’t have more positive reviews: you’re not asking for them. We’ll change that.

QR Codes

Increase lifetime value of your guests by incentivizing them to come back with QR Code offers.

From random actions to clear systems.

Most restaurant owners live in a fog of ‘marketing uncertainty.’ Take the first step today with a clarifying strategy call.

What clients say.

The Guest Magnet Method

The DFY system that brings in new guests in as little as 1 week.

Organic social media is unpredictable and throttles your reach. We’ll use paid advertising to bring in new guests online.

Remember old school sales people and their ‘rolodex’? This is the modern version. 

We build your Guest Rolodex with useful data: name, email, SMS, birthday, and more.

It’s a valuable asset that improves your ability to impact your own sales.

Using ‘magnetic’ offers, deadlines, and reminder sequences, we’ll bring in new butts-in-seats.

Your transparent and real-time dashboard shows:

  • Every dollar spent…
  • Every dollar generated in sales…
  • Return on investment…
  • How much it costs to get a new guest…
  • Check averages…
  • Annual impact…
  • And more.

Our team.

Meet your team of Guest Getters.

Pro athletes in the sport of getting guests to your restaurant. 🎯

Kyle Guilfoyle Founder Guest Getter

Kyle Guilfoyle


Emily Pollock Member of Guest Getter Restaurant Marketing Team

Emily Pollock

Client Partner

Les Ronquillo member of Guest Getter restaurant marketing agency

Les Ronquillo

Media Buyer

Ashley Sampson Content for Guest Getter Restaurant Marketing Agency

Ashley Sampson

Content Strategist


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The ONE most effective system to eliminate ‘hope and pray’ from your marketing (+ get 50-100 NEW guests in one month)

Clarity on where you are now and where you want to be in 1 year (+ a roadmap to get there)

3 insider tips on how to accelerate positive reviews by up to 76%

✅ The secret tools agencies use that will save you and your team HOURS of time

✅ Free ‘therapy’ as we listen to your deepest and darkest marketing challenges

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Before You Go!

Discover how to turn a small ad spend into new guests and revenue—that you can *actually* measure. Like this:

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