Build Your Restaurant's Fan Base With Social Media Marketing

We get it. Social media marketing for your restaurant can feel like a thorn in your side. Here’s a new approach you can take to not only get more followers—but actually drive guests (and revenue) to your local business—without feeling like you’re wasting your time.

Restaurant social media marketing

Social Media Marketing for your restaurant doesn't have to suck!

Social media marketing for restaurants is about connecting with your guests — so you strengthen guest relationships (+ turn them into raving fans).

Social media has quickly become an important marketing platform especially for businesses including bars, restaurants, hotels, and cafes.  If you are not making proper use of social media marketing, you are missing out on opportunities to personalize your connection with new guests and regulars.

Social media platforms serve as an important arena for cultivating a mutually beneficial dialogue. Guest Getter is here to help you make the most of these important web-based platforms.

Social Media Marketing For Your Restaurant Starts With The Right Mindset

Restaurant social media marketing mindset

As restaurateurs and busines owners, we HATE feeling like we’re on a hamster wheel — just churning out content for the sake of it. But content is your secret weapon to turn guests into raving fans — it’s essential. Here’s how to have a winning mindset for your restaurant’s social media content.

The difference between restaurants who truly win and cut through with social media marketing, and those who no one really cares about comes down to CONTENT.

But don’t worry. You’re not imprisoned by the hamster wheel.

Did you know that every piece of content you create is an asset? It’s a store of value. With every piece of content you create, you’re building value into your business.

You are literally making your restaurant’s product, service, and business itself MORE VALUABLE.

There are 3 stores of value that your restaurant captures in its content:

  1. Documentary value
  2. Educational value
  3. Entertainment value

Looking at content this way helps you approach content like a craft.

Gary Vaynerchuk famously says, “Document. Don’t create.”

Here are 12 concrete ideas you can use to start creating—aka ‘documenting’—better social media marketing content for your restaurant.

" There's no "hack." For a restaurant to win on social media, your team must pour into content. Consistently. "
Kyle Guilfoyle Founder Guest Getter
Kyle Guilfoyle
Founder, Guest Getter

The Best Tool For Your Restaurant's Social Media Marketing

To streamline your restaurant’s social media content, you must use the best tool for the job. Whether you use Later, Buffer, or the tool we recommend, you’ll want to ensure it has 4 core functions:

Content Calendar

Your restaurant's content calendar enables you to a) get a high-level view of your marketing, and b) prepare your social media in batches.


As you'll see below, delegation can be a critical piece when preparing your restaurant's social media—so it's important that multiple users can use your tool of choice.


The ability to listen and respond to comments and direct messages (DMs) from multiple social media platforms. All in one tool.


Drucker said, "What gets measured, gets improved." Pearson added, "What gets measured and REPORTED back, accelerates improvement." The best social media marketing tool helps you easily create performance reports.

Screen recording of the best restaurant social media tool
Systems for restaurant social media growth

Restaurant Social Media Marketing Systems That Generate Growth

Now that you have your social media mindset, the best social media marketing tool, and consistent content — it’s time to install a growth system.

Now you know how to approach your restaurant's social media growth. The question is who is going to help you execute (+ drive revenue)?

Delegate your restaurant's social media marketing

Team Delegation

Most restaurant's team members have untapped marketing genius. Bring your team together, hatch a plan with what you've learned on this page, and get after it.

Discover how to grow restaurant social media

See If We Can Help

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