From Barista to Boardroom with Christine McHugh

Over the course of almost three decades, Christine McHugh worked her way up from entry level to C Suite of Starbucks -- then left it behind in 2019.
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“I’ve done a lot of unconventional moves as I’ve risen in my career while staying anchored to my core values and not being afraid to take time to reset when needed” – Christine McHugh

From Barista to Boardroom with Christine McHugh
From Barista to Boardroom with Christine McHugh

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Christine is the former VP of Customer Service and Experience at Starbucks, executive leadership consultant, and author of From Barista to Boardroom: Lessons about Life and Leadership from a Career in Coffee. 👇

Christine McHugh's book From Barista to Boardroom

In this episode, we discuss…

  • Valuable takeaways from the hardest parts of her career at Sbux…
  • What we stand to learn from writing a book…
  • Why she recently lost her shit over a maple bar (and what she’s doing about it)…
  • What Christine learned walking away from her corporate job to travel the world…

(+ Her background as VP of Customer Service and Experience at Starbucks has wide applications for bars and restaurants.)

Tune In Now. 🎧

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