Ultimate Restaurant Marketing Systems with Mike Cooch

In this episode, Mike and I explore the tools and systems that make the biggest impact on restaurant growth in 2022.
mike cooch and kyle guilfoyle talk restaurant marketing

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“Add value with content that attracts prospects [aka guests] to you.” – Mike Cooch

Ultimate Restaurant Marketing Systems with Mike Cooch
Ultimate Restaurant Marketing Systems with Mike Cooch

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Mike Cooch has built 2 multi 7-figure companies and helps entrepreneurs like myself grow thriving service-based businesses.

He also works with dozens of restaurants in San Diego through his local media company There San Diego.

Over the last few months โ€” with Mike’s help โ€” I’ve been developing a set of tools, assets, and systems to form The Ultimate Restaurant Marketing System — a suite of proven and reliable ways to help restaurants grow in the short and long term.

In this episode, I reveal what those systems are so that Mike can give his unfettered feedback on them.

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